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Westgerman Prostate Center
Klinik am Ring
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D-50674 Cologne, Germany

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The new TURiS-Vaporazation has minimized bleeding risk and eliminated transurethral resection syndrome. The flow of current through the patient’s body, from the working electrode to the patient plate, is one of the major risks of conventional monopolar electrosurgery (TURP). The TURiS-Vaporazation integrates two electrodes within the resectoscope, which is used with a physiological saline for irrigation, thus significantly reducing the risk of ’TUR syndrome’.  Conventional electrosurgery requires a non-ionic distension medium, with the potential risk of more iatrogenic complications, such as hyponatraemia and cerebral edema, which have all been reported from the use of glycine, sorbitol and manitol.
Bipolar transurethral resection of the prostate has a proven efficacy to relieve bladder outlet obstruction, durable in time with low long-term complication rates. The haemostatic capacity of bipolar current is shown to be superior in studies. Postoperative bleeding and blood transfusion rates are extremely rare. Clot retention and transurethral resection syndrome rates are significantly lower in patients treated with bipolar resection compared to TURP. Catheterization time and length of hospital stay are shorter for the transurethral resection in a saline system compared with monopolar resection.