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+++ Current Meta Study:  Brachytherapie more succesful than Radical Surgery - read more +++




The West German Prostate Center is one of the largest centers for prostate treatment in Europe. Since 2002 the Center offers the full range of diagnostics, treatments, and patient care for prostate diseases. The combination of experienced specialists under one roof, the long-standing experience, and collaborative approach allows for patient care at the highest level.

Whether you want to come for preventive treatment, unclear symptoms, or a known disease, you should always feel like you receive good advice, are treated well, and are sufficiently informed!

The focus of the Centre is the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia with modern surgery / laser procedures, innovative techniques of brachytherapy, and external radiation therapy.

The Website of the West German Prostate Center will inform you comprehensively about prostate carcinoma und die benign prostate enlargement as well as the related examinations and possible therapies.

If you have questions, we would appreciate your contacting us.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Center!


HIFU: "Lack of sufficient Data"

Despite the growing interest in HIFU therapy it remains an experimental procedure in localized prostate cancer. 

Focal therapy for prostate cancer: the pros and cons
Minimal side effects at optimal cure rates – this is the trend in the treatment of prostate cancer. Dr. Pedram Derakhshani of the West German Prostate Center about the possibilities and limitations of focal therapy for prostate cancer.
Prostate Cancer: Is biopsy still necessary?
Despite modern imaging tissue sampling still is mandatory in prostate cancer diagnostics. However the use of MRI-guided biopsy can detect tumor- suspicious areas and the rate of positive biospies herby can be enhanced.
Prostate Cancer: Better quality of life by preserving continence
Fewer complications after brachy-therapy than after surgical removal of the prostate occupied again a study that was recently presented at the Urology Congress in Madrid
NanoKnife - effectiveness not proven

The irreversible electroporation (IRE) is a novel method for destruction of tumor cells in the prostate by electricity.

Which therapy is best for me?

An international panel of experts developed unique tool to support therapy decision-making in prostate cancer.

Recent meta-analysis: Brachytherapy better than radical prostatectomy

A current meta-analysis that was recently published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) demonstrates for the first time that the so-called brachytherapy, alone or in combination with an additional radiation or hormonal therapy, is in all disease stages of localized prostate cancer at least equivalent to a radical prostatectomy or even better.

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