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+++ Current Meta Study:  Brachytherapie more succesful than Radical Surgery - read more +++




The West German Prostate Center is one of the largest centers for prostate treatment in Europe. Since 2002 the Center offers the full range of diagnostics, treatments, and patient care for prostate diseases. The combination of experienced specialists under one roof, the long-standing experience, and collaborative approach allows for patient care at the highest level.

Whether you want to come for preventive treatment, unclear symptoms, or a known disease, you should always feel like you receive good advice, are treated well, and are sufficiently informed!

The focus of the Centre is the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia with modern surgery / laser procedures, innovative techniques of brachytherapy, and external radiation therapy.

The Website of the West German Prostate Center will inform you comprehensively about prostate carcinoma und die benign prostate enlargement as well as the related examinations and possible therapies.

If you have questions, we would appreciate your contacting us.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Center!


Prostata-OP: Mehr Nebenwirkungen aber kein Überlebensvorteil

Die Ergebnisse der renommierten ProtecT-Studie zeigen, dass Patienten, die sich einer Prostata-OP unterziehen, am stärksten unter den Folgen der Behandlung leiden.

Patienten schätzen Sterberisiko der Active Surveillance zu hoch ein

Aktuelle Studie der Charité: Mortalitätsrisko beim lokalisierten Prostatakarzinom wird stark überschätzt.

Fehlerhafte PSA-Studie behindert Prostatakrebs-Vorsorge

Die bislang größte Studie zum PSA-Screening weist schwere Fehler auf, wie jüngst das New England Journal of Medicine berichtet. 

Which therapy is best for me?

An international panel of experts developed unique tool to support therapy decision-making in prostate cancer.

Dr. Neubauer honored again as one of the best urologists in Germany

In a recently published ranking of physicians, Dr. Stephan Neubauer, Chief of Urology at the West-German Prostate Center, was again voted to be one of the best urologists in Germany

Ten misconceptions about the treatment of prostate cancer

Surgery, radiotherapy or just wait and see? Prostate cancer like no other type of cancer, creates so many misconceptions, biases, and wrong information concerning the causes, treatment methods, and possible cures. 

New PSMA marker increases accuracy in detecting prostate cancer

New PSMA marker increases accuracy in detecting prostate cancer tumor foci and metastases even more precisely than the choline PET/CT.

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