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With bone scans, metastasis can be identified in the bones before they become visible in an x-ray.

Bone scintigraphy, commonly referred to as bone scan (also skeletal scintigraphy) is a special nuclear medical method for examination that measures the traces of radioactive agent, e.g. previously administered radioactive medication accumulated inside the bone. The distribution patterns and the amount of tracers allow for indications of an increased metabolism, such is generally found with metastasic prostate cancer.

In contrast to radiological examination procedures (CT/MRT), which primarily show the changes of the bone structure, scintigraphy primarily provides information about abnormal changes in the bone metabolism. Abnormal scintigrafic findings are, however, no evidence for metastasis, since they can also occur as a result of benign bone disease or deterioration of the joints (arthritis).

Bone scintigraphy should always be performed to rule out bone metastasis in all patients with prostate specific antigen level (PSA) above 20 ng/ml, or with aggressive tumor types (Gleason score above 7).


Prostatakrebs punktgenau diagnostizieren
Mehr Sicherheit in der Prostata-krebsdiagnostik: Hochmoderne MRT (3-Tesla)-gestützte Biopsie im Westdeutschen Prostatazentrum in Köln.
Dr. Neubauer honored again as one of the best urologists in Germany

In a recently published ranking of physicians, Dr. Stephan Neubauer, Chief of Urology at the West-German Prostate Center, was again voted to be one of the best urologists in Germany

Which therapy is best for me?

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation has recently launched a new web site, including the new interactive charts showing the treatment comparison data compiled by the Prostate Cancert Research Study Group. This new resource will help you make better decisions about your treatment choice. The web site features step-by-step instructions on how to identify cancer risk groups, and compare the effectiveness of the various prostate cancer treatments, as well as detailed commentary about the treatment results. You can see the main page of the web site here:






























Neuer PSMA-Marker erhöht Treffergenauigkeit bei Prostatakrebs

PSMA, ein neuer radioaktiver Marker, erkennt Tumorherde und Metastasen präziser als das Cholin-PET/CT.

Zehn Irrtümer über die Behandlung von Prostatakrebs
Operation, Bestrahlung oder abwarten? Bei kaum einer Krebsart gibt es so viele Vorurteile und Fehlinformationen wie beim Prostatakarzinom.
NanoKnife: Wirksamkeit nicht belegt

Die irreversible Electroporation (IRE) ist eine experimentelle  Methode zur Zerstörung von Tumorzellen durch elektrischen Strom

Sex after prostate surgery
After a radical removal of the prostate, sexual disorders occur often but for the most part, they are ignored.
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