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Westgerman Prostate Center
Klinik am Ring
Hohenstaufenring 28
D-50674 Cologne, Germany

Fon.: +49-221-92424-470
Fax:  +49-221-92424-460

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Technische Neuerungen

Image-guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)

IGRT increases precision in Radiation Therapy
As pioneers in the area of brachytherapy (internal radiation therapy), the West-German Prostate Center (WPZ) expanded its treatment spectrum with the most modern radiation therapy system in Europe. On September 1, 2009, the radiation therapists at the WPZ, Dr. Gregor Spira and Dr. Carsten Weise opened a new large facility for the IGRT treatment at the Oncology Center in Cologne, left of the Rhine River. In an area of 1000 square meters, patients receive accurate, precise, and secure radiation treatment with state of the art high technique.
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Ultrasound Elastography: accurate, quick and painless

For patients with suspected prostate cancer, there is now a new diagnosis technique available. With the so-called real-time elastography, images of the tumor are a more accurate. This not only allows for an improved early detection, but also for a more targeted biopsy in case prostate cancer is suspected. „Even if at a biopsy no malignant tumor is found, prostate cancer cannot be definitely ruled out“, explains Dr. Pedram Derakhshani, urologist of the West-German Prostate Center. In a biopsy, the urologist generally takes about six to twelve tissue samples, which is only about one percent of the total prostate tissue. “Because of this especially small tumors are sometimes not noticeable in the screening“, explains Dr. Pedram Derakhshani.

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New high-power laser for benign prostate hyperplasia

Since January 2008, the West German Prostate Center uses a cutting-edge new laser technique, the so-called LIFE laser therapy with the EvolveTM diode laser system 150,. The LIFE Laser therapy with the EvolveTM diode laser system 150 developed by BIOLITEC is a further development of the Greenlight laser therapy. Because of the high performance, 150 watts, the prostate tissue can be removed quicker and more effectively. Meaning that patients with an already greatly enlarged prostate can enjoy a minimally invasive laser therapy, which in the past was reliant on the classical trans-urethral resection of the prostate (TURP). The duration of the treatment is altogether shorter and allows for a gentler anesthesia procedure, which puts less strain on the cardiovascular system. Additionally, the Evolve laser can also be used for the widening of the urethral passages and the removal of bladder stones.
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