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Westgerman Prostate Center
Klinik am Ring
Hohenstaufenring 28
D-50674 Cologne, Germany

Fon.: +49-221-92424-470
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Prostate Cancer: Surgery is often not justified

In Germany, the majority of patients with localized prostate cancer are still being operated. That this approach is obsolete is again shown by a study that has recently been published in the journal "European Urology". The investigation showed that men with a low-risk tumor or men who are older than 70, surgery is not the most beneficial treatment method. On the contrary, the operation is associated in part with significant side effects.


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Laser are safer than conventional resection of the prostate

Much more gentle than the conventional resection of the prostate (TURP) are modern laser techniques such as the Greenlight laser therapy or diode laser procedures. But in terms of safety, the laser treatment is superior to TURP. This could be proven by a study that was recently published in the prestigious journal "Urology".

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PSA-bounce speaks for good prognosis

Recent study has shown higher survival probability in patients with short-term increase in PSA after brachytherapy

Patients who evidence a PSA bounce in the first years after brachytherapy (internal radiation), develop more rarely a relapse and generally have a better success rate than patients without a temporary increase in PSA. This is the result of a recent study that was published in a prestigious medical journal.

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Higher quality of life after brachytherapy

Current results of the two-year SPIRIT-Study prove clear advantages of the brachytherapy

Higher quality of life, rarely occurring incontinence and improved erectile function. The latest results from the SPIRIT study demonstrated clear advantages of brachytherapy over radical prostatectomy in patients with localized prostate cancer. Even in terms of patient satisfaction brachytherapy is far superior to an operation.

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Experience warrants quality

Non-invasive laser procedure to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia have high demands on the expertise of the surgeon

For several years minimally invasive procedures are available through modern laser therapy, with which excess prostate tissue can be evaporated carefully and bloodlessly. "However, the surgeon should have extensive experience," emphasizes Dr. Stephan Neubauer, urologist at the West German Prostate Center. Only when the procedure is performed by a specialist, high quality treatment and a low complication rate is guaranteed.


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Improvement of erectile dysfunction after BPH therapy

In the so-called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), tissue of the prostate gland grows increasingly more into the area of the urethra. Due to the narrowing of the urethra, the strength of the urine stream decreases and sometimes urine remains in the bladder. The consequences are constant urge to urinate, weak flow, and uncomfortable dribbling.


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